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Animals animations week

This week at the beginning of new years we started our animation class focusing on animals and how they move.

Since I have had some problems so far in understanding follow through of a flag (and I definitely have a long way to go yet) I decided to analyze squid’s fins movement.

Besides from few rare species who are capable of propelling themselves out of water, flying for up to 200 ft, most of squids move inside water in two ways

  • using their paired fins along with rythmic mantle contraction to cruise at slow speed
  • by jet propulsion, contracting and expanding circular muscles in their boneless mantle to take up and expel water; probably using the fins just to give direction

move mechanics

Squids give me a weird feeling when I watch their swim (even though just on a screen). Their fins movement is similar to ray’s but unlike them the rest of their body remains very still. It is really almost like a waving flag attached to a pole.


Adding to this, squids’ big eyes and a bunch of tentacles they are capable to shape in different weird ways, it makes of this creature, to my eyes, an extraterrestrial like one, living in an environment but not merging completely with it and its inhabitants. Being for these reasons a quite fascinating creature.




Here are some other animation for the animal motion week


Linetests animations

Here are some Basic animations I made so far… (using an ugly method to capture them)

In this exercise I had to animate a character, using squash and stretch effect, jumping, bouncing on something and than falling into water. I chose a cute strawberry.

Skinny guy pulling a big rock.

Animated a weird elf with a creature on his forehead turning his head around.

This exercise is supposed to show physical effort in pushing something heavy

A long legged man quickly animated in flash.

Quick stickman walk.


Bouncing character

13/12/2015 – bouncing character update.

I was told and noticed my creation is too similar to a mix of baymax from the movie Big hero 6 and the Pokèmon Squirtle, so I changed it.

bouncing process

Now for what I know about him, is an elderly frog who lives a pacific life working his own rice field. Still, judging his misleading appearance, the strange scar on his forehead, physical conformation and jumping skills I can not assure he is not an experienced warrior as well.

– – –

13/12/2015 updated


The character I thought of is a common creature, an employee of mother nature. Its task is to wonder around for suffering plants and heal them.

It has no gender and its main features are:

  • Spherical shaped built-in tank to store energy (central shell)
  • Soft limbs to absorb landing impact
  • A spring core, used as propeller


  • A string above its head there is a string whose characteristic is to float in the air, and dig into soil to reach dying plant’s roots