Monthly Archives: June 2017

Stop motion building

What took us a long time at the beginning of the project was designing and planning what we needed for the stop motion shots.

In the end we greatly reduced the amount of building needed for the last scene, by changing the plot. We went with one single set focusing on the accuracy of details more than on quantity.

We chose to do it first since we knew it would have taken long.

One particularly tricky part was aligning the window with the scenery “outside”, to make sure the perspective looked right and the camera zoom out went straight inside the hospital room.

This is some backstage pictures of set building.



Space scene

There is a scene in the middle of the short where the character, dissolving into bubbles, finds himself in a space like environment.

The purpose of having that scene was only to represent the unconscious side of the character, expressing old emotion and lived atmospheres through images.

So we changed several times the content of this short bit.

Here an example of some designs (some of them haven’t been used in the end) and how the look evolved