Animatic (early march update)

It seems like today we managed to complete our story!

before we had doubts about the ending and other small scenes troughout the story, but finally we found an agreement and made up our minds.

This is how the last scene should have looked. It is where, during his second allucination, he enters this world where the emotions he visualized previously, turn into material objects.

giving an explanation for the beginning of our story, where the main character is an actual puppet, to how his world has obtained this deeper, tridimensional look.

Now, as in the new animatic version below, we replaced this environment with a simpler one, still to be built as a stop motion material scene, still with clouds and bright enivronment, but without all the elements present in the picture above.

Instead of those we will have the main character walking and interacting with the same paticle visible at the beginning of the short, in the ospital room, which will turn him and his world into a “more real world”

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