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Robot (part2) and key positions

During this week I finally started doing key positions for some scenes.

The most complex, due to the level of detail is probably the robot scene, so I thought was better to start with it.

This is the design we thought for the creatures working on moving the limbs. The idea at first was to do something similar to tendons shape, as we were thinking of drawing the character made of showing muscles. Then we developed the robot concept so we transformed the tendon-like creature into some sort of square monkey.

Each one of them has some details to differenciate from theothers but, being them very secondary in the plot, we didn’t want any to stand out too much and we kept them fairly similar.

The scene is almost complete now (even though it took me longer than planned). Here are some still shots


One of the symptoms of the stroke would be to gradually lose control over the body movement, until paralysis may occur. In the scene we had to design, we tought of visualizing this loss of control over the limbs, with small creatures activating a mechanism to move them and eventually failing in doing their job.

So we tought about turning the whole character into a robot just to represent this part, and we chose to use a steampunk like machine and structure made with metal pipes and  geared wheels.

at first the debate was to use a more modern and smooth design for the robot, but being an old man we agreed that this kind of material would suit him better. this is the rough creature’s scene order as we designed.

We tried to keep it as simple and short as possible to not create confusion and still deliver the idea we wanted to tell.



Animatic (early march update)

It seems like today we managed to complete our story!

before we had doubts about the ending and other small scenes troughout the story, but finally we found an agreement and made up our minds.

This is how the last scene should have looked. It is where, during his second allucination, he enters this world where the emotions he visualized previously, turn into material objects.

giving an explanation for the beginning of our story, where the main character is an actual puppet, to how his world has obtained this deeper, tridimensional look.

Now, as in the new animatic version below, we replaced this environment with a simpler one, still to be built as a stop motion material scene, still with clouds and bright enivronment, but without all the elements present in the picture above.

Instead of those we will have the main character walking and interacting with the same paticle visible at the beginning of the short, in the ospital room, which will turn him and his world into a “more real world”

Main character

The character we decided to use is a middle age/ elderly man.

We tried to design a serious look, from a person who takes life seriously, believes in the importance of society and having a stable job. Basically somebody who relays on classic, widely accepted values.

We thought we needed that to create contrast with the visions and revelation he was going to experience in this film.

he started looking very serious but later on we decided to characterize his facial features a little more and ended up this way

And this is the transformation he went through

His name is Robert.


These are the first and second versions of animated storyboards we got to.

Here is when we tought of introducing stop motion puppet at the beginning of the story and going back in a flashback form to explain how the experience he had gave him a new perspective (materials meaning a deeper perception if we want) about life.