Developing the story

As I mentioned in the previous post, our aim was to emphasize how a commonly seen negative experience, as physical or mental disease, can turn later on in a widened perception of a person’s reality.

To start, we broke down the story to find where its core was, and we tought of finding a way to separate the bad experience from the visions. A possible solution was to show this with the rythm of the story; starting by giving more time to the normal perception to describe character and location, increasing gradually the distortions lenght to show the alienation taking over.

Here a few notes we wrote to pin down the process:

0216_3        0216_1

Regarding the left emisphere’s stroke symptoms, we did some research, other than referring to those described in Dr.Taylor’s talk,  and saw that they often occur in this order:

  • Headache
  • Difficulty in moving body parts
  • Inability to read or recognize simbols (as one apparently completely forgets them)
  • Limbs paralysis
  • Inability to speak or understand language

So we inserted all of them in the story, more or less in that order, alternating those with several hallucinations, due to the right brain’s activity taking over,and relating the visions to the occurring symptom.

0216_5   0216_6


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