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Eno pitch

To make things easier to everybody I pitched my idea later, during Cristmas holidays, to Steve and Shaun.

Here it is what I talked about.

Since opera production plots are already very dense and intricate, I thought, instead of making up a new story, that could have been interesting to offer the audience a visual alternative to the actors on stage, by visually interpreting a passage of Lulu, specifically the scene three at the end of the first act, when the roles of lulu and dr.schon are reversed and lulu, from being the puppet in the man’s hands becomes the leader, threatening dr. schon to marry a prince, forces him to leave his wife and marry her.

pitch-ema pitch-ema2

I thought this particular scene had very strong psychological
aspects and would have been nice if portrayed as just two faces revolving around each other and changing their expressions and colours, according to what is being said in the actual script. Their face features could be overturned while going on in the conversation, and for example Lulu’s face, starting very small and innocent compared to dr. schon’s one. could end up, going through several metamorphosis, to be huge and scary.

This, similarly to my disease movie, would be set initially in the changing room where the actual conversation is taking place to end in a no location, where the background colours and shapes could change accordingly to what is needed to best express the emotions and the feelings that the singing opera actors voices already strongly emphasise.