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Storyboard and animatic ENO

During the first couple meeting we had to define the story details and start thinking about camera angles and timing.

For this part I would have personally taken much more time as the choices about camera angles, character’s motion and timing are fundamental for the final look and for the message you are trying to convey. Those actually represent the storytelling part in animation, and maybe are as important as the storyline. For time resctrictions this was sadly not possible.

Here is a couple stages, from the animatic to key-positions.


During this week I also sketched out roughly what the backgrounds elements were going to be so that we could start drawing the key positions accordingly, while the team mates working on backgrounds could use these as model.




English National Opera people

The project we have to work on for the first term is creating a short animation about one of three Opera productions here in London.

Since I had no clear idea on what I would have liked to direct on the subject I was very happy to help one of my classmates. I  was assigned to Patience’s story talking about a young pickpocket who gets to Handel’s Partenope opening night and tries to steal some goods but ends up fascinated in opera world.

I liked her character design and I tought I could be of help with my skills.

1p 2p

I designed the couple that will open the animation and represents the noble, rich, funny and probably ignorant audience that spectated the Opera in 18th century.

3p 4p

My classmate Jiani designed two of the famous Opera artists.

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