Facial expression week

This week was dedicated to facial expressions in animation.


I believe it is something that needs a lot of study to transfer some face acting into drawings, so I choose to analyze a movie that I thought could be easy because of its structure and the many closeups: Her.


Her tells the story of a lonely, introverted man, in what it seems a not so distant future, falling in love with a cybernetic consciousness after a difficult divorce. Theodore’s job consists in writing letters to customers, personating their passed-away beloved ones.

her1 7

Said so, he is supposed to have a wide knowledge about feelings and such, but seems unable to deal with his own. Quite all his actions and expressions look depressed and very self-controlled until he starts the love relationship with Samantha (artificial intelligence).

her-joaquin-phoenix-slice1 (1) her1 1

Even though the design of Theodore may look simple it is really difficult for me to draw main character’s (Joaquin Phoenix) features in a way that could fit animation and even more be able to have a continuity between poses. So I believe I can say facial expressions week’s positive outcome is that helped me spot another skill I need to quickly develop.

HER her1 5 her1 2

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