body reaction week + circus character

This monday we were introduced to body reactions in animations. The reactions and the movement should be based on characters’ attitude and psychology.

So for the exercise (animate the circus character’s reaction to a mouse getting in the scene) I chose to have her be surprised at the beginning, but, unlike the classical reaction of a woman scared of mouse, being her alien or of extraterrestrial origins, the second part of the animation, consists in Moli (my character’s name from now on)¬†greeting the small creature and tapping on its head.

This is the scene animated with a puppet in stop motion. I tried to add red dots on the skeleton to next track it on after effects and link a digital drawing to it… But I don’t know if I am ever going to be able to do so.

While I work on the digital animation, please enjoy some reference pictures and videos about Moli’s creation.

action seq

screernshot mouse

young old circus


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