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Bouncing character

13/12/2015 – bouncing character update.

I was told and noticed my creation is too similar to a mix of baymax from the movie Big hero 6 and the Pokèmon Squirtle, so I changed it.

bouncing process

Now for what I know about him, is an elderly frog who lives a pacific life working his own rice field. Still, judging his misleading appearance, the strange scar on his forehead, physical conformation and jumping skills I can not assure he is not an experienced warrior as well.

– – –

13/12/2015 updated


The character I thought of is a common creature, an employee of mother nature. Its task is to wonder around for suffering plants and heal them.

It has no gender and its main features are:

  • Spherical shaped built-in tank to store energy (central shell)
  • Soft limbs to absorb landing impact
  • A spring core, used as propeller


  • A string above its head there is a string whose characteristic is to float in the air, and dig into soil to reach dying plant’s roots